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Pre-departure briefings 2016: Indian students get ready for a bright future!

17 August, 2016
Shruti Khanna

The pre-departure orientation 2016 delivered by SIEM India was held in eight cities across India.
542 students with offers from UK institutions attended the session in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Delhi and Kolkata. We witnessed a 25% increase in the number of attendees when compared to last year’s pre-departure sessions.

During the pre-departure sessions we provided guidance on how to prepare for an exciting, enlightening and culturally diverse student life in the UK. There was a presentation on ‘do and don’ts’ for students applying for a ‘student visa’ delivered by the UK Visas and Immigration colleagues.Interactive and fun sessions with alumni in each city put students at ease as they discussed concerns around safety, accommodation, eating out and cultural shifts amongst other things.

Download the entire report to know more about the presentations and view pictures of these sessions.

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