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Country Brief 2016 reports on Kazakhstan, Romania and Russia are now available

17 August, 2016
Terry Lee

The new series of 2016 Country Brief reports covers not only updated analysis on macro-economic and socio-economic indicators but also provides a full picture of the education market of a given country. New statistics and information are also added to the reports to further enhance the comprehensiveness.

Reports on Kazakhstan, Romania and Russia in the 2016 series, are now available at the Education Intelligence online store for purchase and download.

For institutions which have already subscribed for 2016-17, users with subscription admin or subscription report buyer roles assigned can purchase the reports using your subscription download quota without any additional fee. Purchased reports can then be shared among all subscription users from the same institution. For institutions which haven’t subscribed yet, information on the latest 2016-17 subscription offers can be found here.

If you have any problems when purchasing the reports, please contact us at