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6 June, 2019
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The inaugural “International Education Services Now!” online forum will take place on the 6 June 2019. This free digital event will provide updates on British Council activity as well as intelligence and market insight from our network. The forum is suitable for participants involved in international student recruitment, marketing and policy.

We will explore the theme of global markets through engaging presentations from educational experts, thought-provoking panel discussions and action research initiatives.

The event will provide solutions to futureproof international strategies to ensure competitiveness in the global market place, as well as cutting edge information for those that work with and support international students. 

The online element will allow us to reach even greater numbers of international educational experts and create even more opportunities for delegates to actively participate in presentations and discussions that take place throughout this online forum.

Time Topic Speaker Join the Session
10:00am - 11:00am Global Market Update Matt Durnin
Global Head of Insights & Consultancy
[link will be available later]
11:30am - 12:30pm What’s new with IES? Stephen Farnsworth
Global Head of Education Fairs and Events

Lee Harris
Global Head of Education Marketing Services

Linda McCourt
Global Head of Training & Learning
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13:30pm - 14:30pm Our wider work in education.  The British Council research and policy units.    
15:00pm - 15:30pm Study UK Maya Frost
GREAT Britain Campaign Digital Manager
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16:00pm - 16:30pm Student safety and wellbeing Helen Clews
Immigration and External Relations (Visas) Advisor
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